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Mentoring The New Generation


This summer we invited an intern into CGLA. Izabela Dima is studying Architecture and Environmental Design at the University of Westminster and joined us to gain some valuable hands on experience in Landscape Architecture.

Mentoring The New Generation2021-10-21T15:51:17+01:00

CPD: What Is Landscape


Eike Selby our Head of Design held an internal lecture to the design team discussing “What is Landscape” challenging the common held perceptions of landscape architecture as a profession and how we should strive to break convention.

CPD: What Is Landscape2021-04-07T13:10:27+01:00

Workshop: Sensing the Environment


On site sketching is more than just an observational exercise. What we try and capture when we sketch should be more emotive and an exercise in deconstructing the essence of a space. Exploring juxtapositions, contrasts, light and shadow. Our Head of Design Eike Selby was invited to lead a series of on-site workshops teaching architectural students how to perceive their environments.

Workshop: Sensing the Environment2021-02-11T16:12:36+00:00

CPD: Landscape Architecture Between Assemblage & Morphosis


A very engaging and inspirational CPD with Cristina Morbi, Creative Director of DeThUn, discussing conceptual thinking and how we can imagine new ways of designing landscapes, not just as a series of patterns, shapes and objects, but more as a transition of spaces in time.

CPD: Landscape Architecture Between Assemblage & Morphosis2021-03-03T15:15:27+00:00

CPD: Environmental Design, Urban Microclimates


A very eye opening and informative CPD by Mehrdad Borna, Design Studio Leader, School of Architecture & Cities from the University of Westminster on Urban Microclimates, the first in a series of our Environmental Design CPD sessions planned for this year. This will help us truly understand the way we approach our designs, with environmental and sustainable principles becoming the core driving factors together with our unique conceptual design process.

CPD: Environmental Design, Urban Microclimates2021-01-28T15:15:51+00:00

What is Landscape?


To be a successful Landscape Architect you have to challenge perceptions and break conventions - check out our latest blog asking the question "what is Landscape?"

What is Landscape?2022-10-07T12:48:03+01:00

A Cultural Melting Pot


A blog from our Head of Design giving an insight into the world of Landscape Architecture as a discipline and how it is more encompassing, bridging art, science and engineering, mediating between technology, nature and culture.

A Cultural Melting Pot2022-10-07T12:48:38+01:00
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