Award Winning Landscaping

Landscaping is an art in itself, and with our in-house award winning landscaping teams, dedicated project managers and state-of-the-art systems, we are in a unique position to fulfil any landscaping project. Whether you have used our RHS gold medal winning design team or are working with your own designer, we can take on projects of all sizes and co-ordinate with any stakeholders to get you the finished garden of your dreams.

Collaborative Construction

We regularly construct gardens for other top designers (including at RHS Chelsea) and therefore have broad experience of working with teams other than just our own – we can get on with anyone! Whether it is your builders, a main contractor, or third-party designers and project managers, we’re flexible to your requirements, deliver exceptional gardens and will always ensure our costs and deliverables are transparent throughout the project.



With 30 years of experience of creating exceptional landscapes we have developed an unrivalled range of professional partnerships, bringing expert advice, specialist products and skills. We constantly seek the best in art, water features, specimen trees, state of the art lighting and sound systems, travelling far and wide to seek new inspiration. Whether you are looking to incorporate a swimming pool, garden office, yoga studio, outdoor kitchen or even a lake, we know how to make it happen.


Construction Expertise

We have more than 30 years of hands-on construction experience. Working on over 800 landscaping projects in the UK and abroad, we bring a wealth of practical knowledge and methods to our clients.  Our expertise in physical construction, complex and highly specialised large tree planting and soft landscaping is second to none.  Furthermore, our in-house project managers and costing experts are skilled at value engineering to maximise our clients budgets without compromising on our award winning designs.


Project Management

Our design and project management office includes highly skilled dedicated project managers who work closely with our clients and the on-site teams to deliver the landscaping projects. They provide expert support on all areas of your build, from planning matters and tree protection, to running tenders, site management, design changes, materials sourcing and project co-ordination.

“Thank you so much for everything so happy that 6 years after designing the garden with you it has been completed & looks great. We are very happy with the garden. I also just wanted to say that you have a wonderful team. Danny is great and managed the project really well & Keith is a legend along with the rest of the team they have been an absolute pleasure.”

Client: Bijal Patani


Do I need a garden designer and a landscaper?2024-05-01T15:30:10+01:00

Usually yes – some companies such as ourselves can offer both, but while the skills overlap, they are very different specialities. In most cases you don’t want your bricklayer (however talented!) to be making final decisions as to how to finish the edges of your steps or patio, nor do you want your garden designer to make the final decisions as to how to build your retaining walls.

We have more advice HERE on choosing your garden designer

What will my garden cost to complete?2023-08-09T11:24:18+01:00

Until you have a design in place that is impossible to answer – square meterage rates can be applied to a plot, but given the variations in cost between different treatments (say lawn versus paving) any estimates in the absence of a design will be utterly pointless. Having seen the site and taken a brief we may be able to give you an order of magnitude. See our blog on this subject here

What are my options if I can’t afford to have my entire garden rebuilt all at once?2023-08-09T11:25:03+01:00

Once you have a detailed garden design in place it is simple to break this down into stages that will allow you to do the work in chunks. With smaller spaces and tighter access this is less practical than in big gardens where whole areas can be left until the next phase, but there is almost always a way to break up the costs.

What is the best time of year to landscape a garden?2023-08-09T11:25:40+01:00

The short answer is that we can (and do) work at almost any time. Different projects and sites will have different constraints. Autumn and early winter are usually best for large scale planting supply, but it can be slow and muddy if the ground is waterlogged so there are pros and cons of any season. We can discuss with you when planning the build.

If you have other questions feel free to contact us or see FAQS.

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