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The art of garden maintenance is to nurture your garden from its completion (or current state) through the years, improving and developing it with time. Simply tidying it misses an opportunity when you are dealing with nature where plants grow and change over time and through the seasons!

Year Round Beauty

Working all year round, we use the winter to prepare and organise your garden for the following Spring, making sure your planting is properly cared for, pruned and managed, ready to burst back into life.

Event Planning

Not only do we look after your outside space day to day, we will work with you for those special occasions when you may want to surprise and delight for an occasion or party.

Our professional team of skilled horticulturalists will tailor a programme to meet your needs and deliver an exceptional service.  We will keep you informed with regular updates, working alongside our in-house landscaping and design teams we can provide support and assistance as needed for new developments, additional planting or remedial work as required.



We operate a reliable and discreet service, using our skilled and vetted staff. Our priority is always to ensure that we deliver the level of finish that you want- whether you want it to look like a boutique hotel all year round, with regular planting upgrades and add-ons, or have a more relaxed attitude to your outside space. We understand that we may need to accommodate pets and children, and work around busy families or those working from home, and tailor our service to your needs.

Three bushes in a garden shaped into cylinders


We can take on the full management of a private estate, including the procurement of equipment and staffing, providing year round care and annual management plans. Typically larger estates may have a cycle around when the property is occupied, and we are well used to ensuring that the gardens look as they should at the right times.

“Cool Gardens designed a new garden for us. The design was and is fabulous and the end result looks amazing. We are now using the CGLA maintenance team to look after the garden. And keep it looking amazing. They are a very nice team of people. They combine design flair with care about what they do and work to very high standards of professionalism and customer care”.

Client: Rob Evans, Ledborough Lane


Do you carry out garden maintenance?2023-08-09T11:36:44+01:00

Yes we have a small team who offer garden maintenance. We do usually offer this to our landscaping clients and to other clients who want a high quality service and fit within one of our service areas. Do contact us to check on our current availability.

How often do I need gardeners?2023-08-09T11:37:32+01:00

That is up to you. Most gardens benefit from weekly maintenance, but smaller and lower maintenance plots can work well with less frequent visits. Some clients like to look after their own gardens and just call in help when they want a more comprehensive go at it, or to deal with the lawns themselves and have more skilled people dealing with the planting and hedging for example. We can be flexible and are happy to discuss this with you.

How do you know how long it will take without seeing the garden first?2023-08-09T11:38:05+01:00

We don’t! we will always come and visit and discuss with you what you want to achieve before quoting you for the work. Even having seen it once we don’t know quite how it will grow, and none of us has a crystal ball as to the weather which impacts how things go. That is why we charge on the time that is used and get as much done as we can in that time.

Do I need two gardeners, can’t I have just one?2023-08-10T10:57:49+01:00

It is largely not safe or practical to have just one person on a client site at one time. Lifting mowers in and out of vans and working alone with machinery are health and safety risks so we typically send our teams out in pairs.

If you have other questions feel free to contact us or see FAQS.

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