Garden Design

CGLA have a world class design team headed by Eike Selby who has over 20 years of experience as an industry respected Landscape Architect, leading International design practices both in the UK, Middle East and China.

CGLA’s creative process reflects our deep understanding of the human need for interaction, connection, identity and enjoyment. We create inspirational spaces that are unique and loved by people. Our designs strive to push the boundaries of what is typically perceived as landscape design and our creativity is driven by challenging conventions that can limit the way we look at space.


It all starts with a single point of inspiration, whether completely abstract or something more intimate and contextual in nature. An idea that resonates, inspires and evokes memories and emotion. It is this linchpin that guides the framework of our designs, informing the aesthetic look and feel of the spaces we create and serves as a constant source of reference as the design evolves.

A swimming pool in a garden

We believe we get the best results through drawing from a wide range of skills and influences, and our multinational design team includes garden designers, landscape architects, art and graphics specialists, and horticulturalists, to allow us to cover an extraordinary range of project types and scales.


We understand that our clients need inspirational design and real expert advice, so our approach includes the collaboration between our design and construction teams, which means we understand how to create landscapes, not just plan them. We bring this understanding to our designs and to our broader discussions with our clients, making the process more comprehensive and the approach more collaborative.


Landscape Architecture