Workshop: Sensing the Environment

Course name: BSc Architecture and Environmental Design, Year 1

Module name: Environmental Design and Principles of Building Physics

Mehrdad Borna, Design Studio Leader, School of Architecture & Cities, The University of Westminster

Date: 14th October / 4th November 2020

On October 14th and November 4th, CGLA Head of Design Eike Selby was invited by the University of Westminster School of Architecture & Cities to lead a series of on site workshops entitled “Sensing the Environment” alongside Design Studio Leader, Mehrdad Borna.

The aim was to introduce students from the Architecture and Environmental Design BSc program how to sketch and how to perceive their environment. The workshop allowed Eike to iterate to the undergraduate class the the importance of communicating through hand sketching and how this feeds into the design process. Showing the students how to analyse, deconstruct and truly capture the essence of a space, producing interesting and formative architectural sketches focussing on light, reflection, form and negative space.

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