Mentoring The New Generation

Eridona Kurtaj –  The University of Wesminster

Education – Architect Work Experience (2 weeks)

Course name: BSc Architecture and Environmental Design, Year 3

Date: January 22

Continuing our deep relationship with mentoring in education we were delighted to have Eridona Kurtaj join us at CGLA for 2 weeks work experience. Working on one of our prestigous live projects, Eridona had the opportunity to take responsibility and contribute to the environmental analysis for an 18th floor roof terrace in the centre of Birmingham. The conclusions of her analysis work which included fluid dynamics and sun / shade analysis in turn informed the overall design response based on solid environmental design principles.

Eridona Kurtaj – BSC (Hons) Architecture and Environment Design 

“I felt really pleased to be given the opportunity to carry out my work placement with CGLA. I can honestly say it has been an amazing experience. My first week started with an initial introduction to the brief I was assigned to work on, followed by what was expected of me during my time with CGLA. I was responsible for carrying out an environmental analysis on a live project which consisted of a roof terrace located on the 18th floor of a commercial office building in the centre of Birmingham and for providing critical conclusions that would help with the design aspect of the project. The parameters that I analysed were fluid dynamics for the wind and the sunlight hours; this was carried out for the terrace currently and for the terrace after the design is implemented. This process tested the design, and the aim was to maximise the comfort levels on the terrace since this is what has been expressed by the client. I worked closely with Anya, an architect within the practice, and was closely monitored by Eike Selby, the head of design; they were both really helpful and available for whatever questions or worries that I had. I was also really lucky that I was present in the meetings with the project architects and the client and I even had the opportunity to present my work which,  was a great opportunity in terms of experience for myself and also to view the dynamic between a client and designer. Being able to work on this real-life project and having my work presented to and approved by the client was really enlightening. It gave me just the right amount of confidence and the push I needed to carry on my studies and achieve a career in Environmental Design. I truly hope to stay in contact with CGLA and see how the project moves through its next steps and also the practise itself. It has been great. Thank you guys!”

See below some examples of Eridona’s work while with us.

Concept of a modern outdoor social space on a rooftop
concept of a modern outdoor social space

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