Vicki Davis

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Vicki Davis is a Director of the CGLA group of companies. Joining CGLA some 12 years ago, Vicki brought with her a wealth of experience in garden and planting design, as well as the practical implementation experience that informs her designs and ensures they are implementable and sustainable.

Working with fellow Director Carl Asquith, and CEO Ruth Marshall, Vicki manages the operations of the companies, focussing in particular on the implementation of some of the larger construction and planting projects, as well as remaining a hands-on designer working across the full range of CGLA design projects.

Vicki plays a crucial role in seeing the designs through from design into the detail of construction- maintaining the client liaison, and acting as advisor to both the client and the construction teams- capturing and delivering changes and updates, and ensuring the project is delivered in full and to design.

As a designer, Vicki’s colleagues and clients value her not only for her 20 years of great design experience and deep planting knowledge, but also her flair for detail and the creative touches that bring a design to life.


Vicki was the co-lead in the design and implementation of the CGLA RHS Gold medal winning garden at RHS Hampton Court. Leading the planting design and implementation, Vicki alongside Ruth and the Landscaping team, created a stunning garden that was also crowned “Best Summer Garden”.

Vicki believes that her greatest professional achievements are when she works with clients who have never been garden lovers to create space they love and use on a daily basis. She has a gift for creating spaces that people enjoy, and her gorgeous gardens are a tribute to her ability to understand and deliver against the client requirements- even when they sometimes cannot articulate what those might be! Her gardens resonate with her clients and her planting knowledge and design eye create spaces that continue to improve over time.


Vicki says “I can’t ever recall not gardening” which shows in her passion and knowledge of her work. Growing up in a family of keen amateur gardeners and lovers of all things garden related, she put this into practice by setting up and running her own Garden Maintenance Business. This rapidly gained a loyal clientele of highly satisfied clients, who were delighted to see steady improvements in their gardens. Working locally to CGLA, she caught the eye of the CGLA team for the quality of her work and the recommendations of her clients, and she was subsequently persuaded to merge her business with CGLA. This move allowed her to expand her skills into 3D visualisation and landscape construction which perfectly complemented her existing skills, allowing her to implement her designs on a larger scale.

Prior to this, Vicki’s background was in broader creative roles as a seamstress and upholsterer, and her interest in textiles and textures can definitely be seen informing her designs, as does her unerring sense of scale and proportion, and an eye for colour that clients and colleagues all rave about.


Vicki is a highly motivated individual, demonstrating the attention to detail and drive that are required to keep a landscaping project on track! Unflappable in the face of the thousand things a landscaping project can throw at you, Vicki has proved again and again that she can see her way through problems, find resolutions to apparent crises, and maintain a professional and cheerful disposition throughout. Caring deeply for the wishes and aspirations of her clients, Vicki is seen as the design champion- continuing to work at a design or a problem until a good solution is found.