Sunny Hosseinkhani

Design Team Lead

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Sunny Hosseinkhani is a qualified Landscape Architect with over 15 years of experience in international architectural practices in Iran and the UK. She currently serves as the Design Team Lead at CGLA, where she collaborates with Eike Selby, the Head of Design, in overseeing the successful execution of diverse projects, ranging from masterplanning to intricate design details.


In 2017, Sunny joined CGLA as landscape architect. She has worked closely with Director Vicki Davis, and CEO Ruth Marshall across a broad range of projects from concept design, planning to construction detailing. Her responsibilities extended to sourcing large-scale screen plantings and trees from across Europe, tracking down locally-sourced perennials, and coordinating the fabrication of bespoke metalwork. She has a strong understanding of design and environmental principles, planting design, user experience design, visual composition, and illustration.

By 2019, she had ascended to the role of Design Team Lead. In this role, she has worked on a wide range of projects, from private gardens to public parks and commercial developments, including The Summit, Sogex Villa, Dellfield House, Park House and Heron Lodge country estate.  Her deep understanding of the construction industry and adept project management skills have been instrumental in navigating complex undertakings and achieving success.


Sunny’s professional journey began with a strong foundation in urban planning and architectural design. She started as an Assistant Architect/Urban Designer at Rah Shahr International Group in Iran, where she participated in projects such as masterplanning for new towns and cities, special economic zones, and temporary housing sites.

After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture from the LKW University of Creative and Technology in Malaysia in 2007, Sunny moved to the UK to pursue a Master of Arts in Landscape Architecture from the University of East London. After graduation, she worked as a Landscape Architect at Groundwork London, specializing in the design of parks, playgrounds, and public spaces.

Sunny also contributed to academia as a Global Campus Manager and Architectural Technical Studies Tutor at LKW University in London Mayfair. Sunny also contributed to academia as a Global Campus Manager and Architectural Technical Studies Tutor at LKW University in London Mayfair, where she gained valuable experience in client management, team leadership, and supporting budding designers in their technical and design skills.


Sunny is a passionate advocate for sustainable landscape architecture, believing it can play a vital role in creating healthy, livable, and resilient communities. She champions collaboration and teamwork as essential pillars of her professional ethos.

In her free time, Sunny cherishes quality time with her loved ones, exploring the world and the outdoors, seeking inspiration for her designs in gardens and parks.

Motivated by an unshakable dedication to environmental responsibility, Sunny is committed to using her expertise to create a meaningful difference. Her objective is to design landscapes that seamlessly blend aesthetics, sustainability, and advantages for both individuals and the natural world.

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