Dorina Flanek

Dorina Flanek
Landscape Architect

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Dorina Flanek is one of the Landscape Architects in CGLA. Originally from Hungary, graduated as a Landscape Architect in 2017. Got professional experience working for various different size landscape firms in the UK and in Hungary before joining CGLA in 2021.


She was born and raised in a big city, grew up in large panel block, right on the top of a ten-storey building with not much green around. But, maybe because of the desire to get out of the city she fell in love with hiking and mountain climbing as a kid. So growing up, influenced by the combination of the love for nature and living in the city she decide to become a landscape architect to make the environment greener, the cities more liveable in a way that is also pleasing to the eye.

After completing her Master’s degree at Corvinus University of Budapest in 2017, in the early years she got experience working for mainly city councils in Hungary. This involves designing playgrounds, parks, public squares, commercial areas, greenroofs and green avenues. Later, she relocated to the UK and extended her knowledge whilst working for bigger Landscape Architect firms, and got involved in projects with many different scales – from small private gardens to big 2-300-dwelling development improvements.


She likes to think outside the box, and consider a bit more creative and playful solutions – what you would not necessarily think of. Also, she believes that design and functionality can, and should go hand in hand – implementing client’s demands and style into an attractive and fun, but still useable and maintainable garden is the goal.

Travelling and experiencing other cultures are very important for her to get inspired, to become more open to new ideas, and simply to get to see the beauty, and the different way people see the world around. She also loves taking photos, which teaches how to find the  good composition, good lighting with a good subject for a great picture.

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