What Sort of Water Feature to Use in My Garden: A Guide

The Art of Using the Elements

Water is a wonderful way to add some magic to a garden. In addition to immediate visual impact, the hidden delight often lies in the movement, reflections and sound.

The variety possible in water features is immense and the options for planting and detailing almost limitless! The CG team have designed and built hundreds of these and are always open to sharing ideas or trying something new.

Natural Water Features

Creating natural-looking streams and ponds is a real art. We have created many of these, using existing landscape features or creating entirely new ones.


Traditional Water Features

Traditional ponds and fountains may well be the centrepiece of a garden or form the main axis or view line of a larger scheme. Choosing the right feature and creating its setting is a critical part of the design process. This might simply be helping to choose a self-contained fountain almost ‘off the shelf’ or the creation from scratch of a larger lake, pool or bespoke structure.


Contemporary Water Features

For a chic twist within a more traditional garden or to set the tone of a contemporary space there is nothing quite like a water feature. From full-on swimming pools and hot tubs to water curtains, jets and rills – we have the experience to design and construct a striking water feature to suit your garden.


Our creative team are highly experienced in this art, from the aesthetics right through to installation and management. Our designers take many concepts from our unique early ideas right through to supervising the final installation on site.

We also constantly search for sculptors, artists and fabricators whose talents we can use within our designs. Garden lighting will also be stunning with almost any water feature and the day/night shift of water is just one more of its glories.

Depending on your aspirations, water can be a small detail or the main feature, but it always needs to work well within the overall design. The art of the possible is as wide as the imagination – larger lakes and ponds might be designed for koi, lilies or swimming. Smaller features might be wildlife ponds, bog gardens or formal pools. Rills, fountains and water-curtains can be used in both traditional and contemporary gardens. We can create large streams with rocky waterfalls, or much more subtle winding rivulets and many alternatives in between. We have created features suitable for gardens that are under flood water at times every year and also in dry Mediterranean gardens – choosing the right approach is all about the detail and setting, as well as a spark of design magic.