Transform Your Garden with the Best Plants

The Art of Planting

Planting sets the tone and style of a garden. Whether you are a lover of gardens and plants or just want somewhere neat for your barbecue, we can make it look wonderful. As part of a masterplan we can plan all of the trees, hedging and decorative planting to best complement the overall scheme. Whether this is a grand formal garden or a tiny barbecue space, we will work to achieve the desired effect – bright and colourful, lush and tropical or perhaps cool and relaxing.


Larger grounds in particular can benefit from a step by step or area by area approach and we have many where we come back every year or so to be let loose in a new area. Many gardens change in their uses over time – children’s play areas may be re-purposed to more attractive use, and a tired planting scheme or seating area may benefit from a new look. Planting is often at the heart of delivering the changes.

Pond, bog, shade, and tropical planting are all specialities of ours, as well as traditional herbaceous and shrub planting.

A splash of colour at the right time lifts a scheme. This might be delicate highlights, or a full punch of eye-catching brightness.

Party Planning or Revitalisation of Existing Planting

Whether revitalising an existing planting scheme or giving a serious makeover for a special day we can work with what you have; selectively prune, shift and remove, whilst restocking as needed to achieve the desired effect.


New Planting Areas

Even if we are not creating an entirely new design, there are often huge opportunities to transform the feel of a garden through planting. Working with your existing planting we can select what is worth keeping and develop new areas as required.

Trees & Larger Specimens

We specialise in sourcing and placing larger trees and unique specimens in gardens – these can provide screening or framing of views, focal points or simply stunning features in their own right. Trees up to 10m tall in hundreds of varieties and shapes are possible.


Screens and Avenues

Boundary screening can be essential in tighter sites, and larger specimens or more formal trained trees are a speciality of ours. We select from nurseries in the UK and across Europe, bring them in and plant them ourselves – these are the specimens that change the ‘feel’ of a site and add scale and proportion to a garden.


Our design work, planning and building efforts all come together when we are let loose on the planting. As experts in horticulture and planting design, we ensure that your garden is stunning, whilst still practical and manageable. There are plenty of low-maintenance approaches that mean you can still have lovely planting even if you don’t want a full-time gardener!

Whether you want space to relax, a family garden, a private hideaway, or a subtle backdrop, we can show you how to achieve this. A scented paradise or a colourful haven, an inviting walkway or a striking architectural vibe – we have created all of these.


Carefully crafted planting can seem almost miraculous in its ability to settle a new build or extension, or to transform an existing garden. Where larger trees will frame and shape the space, lending permanence, maturity and scale to a property, smaller scale planting gives the bulk, texture, and clothing to the scheme.

When implementing new planting for our clients we typically select all our plants in person, choosing from the wide range available in UK and European nurseries. This allows us to find the very best stock, pick up new ideas, and explore new varieties on a regular basis keeping our planting schemes fresh and dynamic.

Planting is an aspect that we feel passionate about, and the element in which we believe we can often make the most difference.