Milton Park, Oxfordshire


Location: Milton Park, Oxfordshire

Client: Private Pharmaceutical Company

Architect: Glenside

Status: Ongoing

The site is located in a Business Park in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The client is a Global Biotechnology Company with Research & Development sites all over the world, one of which is situated in Milton Park.

The client’s brief required a multi-functional decked terrace for outdoor break out space. A place where the employees would be able to relax during lunchtime as well as hold outdoor meetings. We also needed to accommodate a contemporary studio style building, which would act as an alternative meeting room. We proposed a green roof over the cabin, that would blend in with the existing vegetation surrounding the site.

We also designed a bespoke, sculptural, and functional canopy structure over the seating area. Its form based on DNA Fingerprinting, Its colour pallet reflecting the company’s corporate colours. The whole composition of the space completed by added sculptural, informal seating, matching furniture and highly reflective planters.

The Design Approach: DNA Fingerprinting

In our design approach we were inspired by DNA Fingerprinting process, which is a laboratory technique used to establish a link between samples of biological evidence. The pure form of the rhythmic composition was influenced by the principles found in that process. By looking at numbers of DNA Fingerprinting images we extrapolated a unique design language that dictated the overall composition of the space. The interlocking timber decking and planters represent the complicated process and amount of time spent overlapping and cross checking the biological samples. The canopy structure on the other hand is the essence of the recurrence of the Variable Number Tandem Repeats in DNA.

Service offered: Landscaping

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