Le Val Lodge

Private Residence

Location: St Brelade, Jersey

Client: Private Client

Status: Design and planting completed, client maintaining

This fabulous Jersey home has breathtaking views across the sea, surrounded by a large sloping garden on multiple levels. As part of significant renovation work and a pool installation, the plot was in need of a beautiful landscaping scheme to complement the setting and give a sympathetic and contemporary makeover to the tired outside space.

We created a 3D model of the site to allow us to model the complex 3D geometry and share our ideas with the clients. The design features a central formal lawn with blocks of hedging to break up the large planting spaces, and sloped planting beds between to accommodate changes in level whilst minimising retaining walls. We included an avenue of  large clipped hornbeam cubes to frame a path towards the infinity pool, with a gorgeous sculpture at its end, and added a number of specimen trees to break up the space, providing interest and scale to what was previously a slightly bleak landscape.

Adjacent to the annexe, a hot tub was installed with a sliding cover, and some playful organic shapes were used in the hard landscaping to create a different feel in this area. The goal was to break up a large area of hard landscaping in this area, and dressing this with low hedging and more tropical planting.

The front courtyards and parking space were kept neat and simple, with local materials, limited planting and striking lighting creating the required effect.

With a citrus orchard, walls in local granite, and sub-tropical planting in places, this project utilised a range of species and materials that we cannot typically indulge in on the mainland! With clean lines, colourful planting, and use of sculptures and glorious lighting, this scheme came together as a real ‘wow’ garden, whilst still feeling like welcoming and comfortable family space.

The CGLA team designed the overall landscape, with significant input from our delightful clients. We also sourced much of the planting. This scheme was a collaboration with many local experts, including the lovely folk at Granite Le Pelley and the amazing photography is courtesy of LivingRoom Property

Service offered: Landscaping, Design

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le val lodge ariel

le val lodge infinity pool

le val lodge house and gardens

le val lodge view to sea

le val lodge house

le val lodge balcony

le val lodge drive by night

le val lodge patiole val lodge gardens