Iron Reef

Public Art Installation

Location: Reedham, Norfolk

Client: Norfolk Council

Designer: Maetherea

Status: Planning

CGLA have teamed up with Maetherea to act as Principal Designer for this beautifully designed public art installation in Reedham, Norfolk.

Titled “The Iron Reef” the installation celebrates the historical and ecological heritage of Reedham Ferry inn and the Norfolk landscape: it’s a homage to its Chalk Reef and the industrial and nautical heritage of Reedham Ferry Inn.

“The Iron reef is inspired by the anthropized amphibious landscape. As an Amphibious structure, it can live on both earth and water. Shaped by the winter tides and emerging as a landmark between the reeds, as it connects the sky and touches the water.

“Currently, the site the Iron Reef will be situated on is an alluvial land, we hope this installation will enhance the relationship with the site, raising above the reeds for a different perception of the already beautiful landscape surrounding the area. People are invited to follow the light metallic structures, which rhythm the gentle ramp and lead to a raised point of view of the landscape surrounding. The lower promenade will host a seating area for people to admire the Broads and the historical Chain Ferry.”

“The tides from the river modify the material, adding patina and oxidation as a performance of colour or a maritime ruin. Plants and microorganisms start to appear on the structure. All around the structure, the iconic reeds will rewild the area, surrounding the structure through time.

Thanks to the symbiosis that is created between the reeds and the structure, the project explores the natural phenomena of the landscape. Plants offer a multisensorial and seasonal experience in the artwork: reeds are soft green in the warm months, and golden in the cold season. Feather-like flowers are purple and silver. “

“Our hope is for the Iron Reef to be a community and an environmental machine: changing through time, shaped by water, plants, animals and humans”

Cristina Morbi


Service offered: Landscaping

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