Project Description


Private Residence

Location: Chalfont St Giles

Client: Private Client

Status: Ongoing

The property is located on Dibden Hill by Bowstringe Lane. Its eastern boundary is bordered by beautiful view across the hills over the River Misbourne and North by existing mature trees.

A contemporary glass panel will be added to the rear elevation of the house, which will allow the views from across the site to flow through towards the house. The aim was to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor and balance the architectural form with the landscape.

The client required a functional and useable space for a Kitchen Garden as well as aesthetically pleasing zones for relaxed seating and entertainment.

The Design Approach: Fukinsei, the Imperfect Code

Exposing ourselves to traditional Japanese design aesthetics is a good exercise in lateral thinking, changing concepts and perception. Thinking about design by exploring the tenets of the Zen aesthetic is a good exercise in challenging ourselves to think differently about composition, juxtapositions and spatial relationships.

Fukinsei is a concept that comes from ‘wabi sabi’ which is a Japanese concept of aesthetics. It has a modern meaning of ‘rustic simplicity’ or ‘flawed beauty’ and forms the ‘first universal truth’ in Zen Buddhism implying that nothing is perfect, nothing lasts, nothing is finished.

Asymmetry, odd numbers, irregularity, unevenness, imbalance is used as a denial of perfection as perfection and symmetry do not occur in nature. The idea of controlling balance in a composition via irregularity and asymmetry is a central tenet of this Zen aesthetic. The Enso (“Zen circle”) in brush painting, for example, is often drawn as an incomplete circle, symbolizing the imperfection that is part of existence.

Service offered: Landscape Architecture

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