Enhancing a Woodland Garden: Letting in Light and Space

Private Residence

Penn, Buckinghamshire

Private Client

Status: Completed

A gorgeous setting was required for this house constructed on a steep site and backing onto woodland. Renovations inside had been completed over a few years, and limited external work had been completed, awaiting a “grand plan”. A huge stand of leylandii were running along the side boundary of the property, completely overshadowing the gardens, and amongst other changes, the CGLA team advised that this be removed to provide much more light to the garden as well as reclaiming a fair bit of space. Privacy was maintained by planting a semi-mature laurel hedge, that is already growing into shape and will soon be giving the full screen that is desired.

The house features some large windows to the rear, and the brief was to create a little piece of Eden in this very private space, with carefully placed focal points on the main views, a contemporary feel overall, and lush planting.

The side of the garden was a very steep bank only accessible via narrow steps, and a sinuous path was added to allow for greater accessibility as well as creating a delightful walk-through planting.

The main patio was extended with a gravel area, planted with some clipped shapes and topiary which form the main view through a double height window when entering the house.

The results are cool, inviting, and relaxed, aimed largely at family use, but including a good lawn space and seating as well as a firepit area to the rear. To the small steep front drive, a vegetable area and tiny greenhouse were fitted in, making maximum use of the sunniest parts of the plot.

The planting and landscaping were carried out by the CGLA team, in several stages to manage the seasons and budgets.

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