Bovingdon Green


Location: Bovingdon, Buckinghamshire

Client: Private Client

Status: Design and planting completed, ongoing maintenance underway

This gorgeous House was the subject of a total renovation over recent years. Whilst the footprint has largely remained as it was, some of the access arrangements have changed and the clients were keen to make much better use of the garden. The plot is unusual in that all of the outside space is to the front and side of the house, and had previously been used almost entirely as a car park and drive. Our client love their garden, and wanted to create a haven of peace and calm. A key part of this was separating cars from largely pedestrian access by adding a wall and screened car parking area, separated from the main gardens by a beautiful bespoke set of gates that work really well with the style and proportions of the house. Dog proofing was also important here, and this arrangement allowed for a secure boundary. Tall screen planting was required around much of the plot (particularly to screen an adjacent new development) and 2 garden studios were added to accommodate home working and hobbies, and these were landscaped in with beautiful planting and a secondary seating area running between the two.

The driveway area was planted with super mature hedging and specimen trees, so that the screening and privacy were immediate. This has transformed our clients beautiful home from a grand house set in a somewhat bleak car park, to a well landscaped private home within an oasis of calm, colour, and scent. There are surprises each season and the and the ongoing addition of planting and bulbs has been undertaken by the lovely CGLA maintenance team.

Service offered: Design, Maintenance

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