Beaumont Park Playground

Public Realm

Location: Beaumont Park Estate, Aldershot

Client: Community Initiative

Status: Ongoing

Beaumont Park playground is rundown and has been in decline since 1980s. The current equipment is old and in poor condition and residents have reported children hurting themselves.

The old equipment has hard, rough surfaces, the flooring is damaged and uneven, and abandoned tree stumps pose risks to children. A lack of maintenance has led to weeds encroaching on play areas, and broken glass and rubbish is littered within the playground.

Residents report having asked Rushmoor Borough Council several times to improve the status of this playground without any result.

A petition has been setup to call upon Rushmoor Borough Council (RBC) to revive the Beaumont Park playground so that it can once again serve the young families of the local community.

CGLA have offered to redesign the playground on behalf of the community in order to engage with Rushmoor Borough Council in the hope that they will take action.

The Design Approach: The Ripple Effect

A series of events occurring as a result of one singular action.

The inspiration behind this design carries with it a message of positive change that emanates from this one singular event. The revival of Beaumont Park Playground can be a catalyst for change that will spread and echo in the local communities throughout Aldershot.

The future of the younger generation is in our hands. It is up to us to provide them with creative stimuli that will allow them to create a better world.

Creating an innovative yet simple play space will allow children to use their imaginations and explore the natural materials and plants.

It will arouse their curiosity about the environment and teach them to respect their environment. The project will also engage local families and neighbours to work together towards the same goal.

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Old Playground Swings

New playground artwork

New playground artwork

New playground artwork

New playground artwork

New playground artwork