Mentoring The New Generation

Izabela Dima –  The University of Wesminster

Education – Architect Intern (3 months)

Course name: BSc Architecture and Environmental Design, Year 3

Date: July – October

Continuing our deep relationship with mentoring in education we were delighted to have Izabela Dima join us at CGLA as a 3 month intern working on various designs.  It was important for us to shape Izabella’s approach to design and conceptual thinking. Exposing her to our conceptual process, which starts from a single point of inspiration which is the thread that weaves through every facet of any particular design, whether landscape or architecture. Working on live projects with real and rigorous deadlines, Izabella had the opportunity to take responsibility for her own projects, contribute high level conceptual ideas and communicate them visually and present her ideas to a number of clients.

Izabela Dima – BSC (Hons) Architecture and Environment Design 

“I never thought I could use the skills I’ve learnt the past two years so early in a real practise dealing with real briefs and real clients, but thanks to my amazingly supportive tutors at the university that became a reality! I started my first work experience at CGLA, a landscape architecture firm, lasting the whole summer, working, learning and being guided and supported all the way through! I underwent the pressure of a real work interview which gave me the opportunity to express myself and the work I’ve been producing the past years both at the university and outside. I had the pleasure of being mentored by Eike Selby, the head of design at CGLA who tried to teach me how important it is to always follow a conceptual process in every design which would link all the elements together giving everything a meaning and uniqueness. Additionally, I was given tasks in a variety of projects which gave me the opportunity to develop and improve certain skills, for instance, the use of certain software (CAD, Sketchup, Photoshop), the visual representation of the design through masterplans and CGIs, the creation of design reports for clients and finally presenting to the client and receiving feedback. The work experience has really complemented my academic studies providing me with another way of learning outside the classroom and developing my communication, problem-solving and team-working skills.”

See below some examples of Izabela’s work while with us.

A 3D plan of a garden

As part of CGLA’s ongoing continuing education phylosophy, we always welcome the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders and educational institutions and welcome enquires for CPD’s, discussions and workshops. Contact us