Maria Jose

Maria Jose



Maria Jose graduated from Buckinghamshire New University with a first-class honours degree in Spatial Design and worked as an Interior and Set Designer before joining the CGLA team in 2019. She has worked on a number of projects including residential gardens, rooftop terraces as well as bigger commercial projects. Her creative skills not only help with the design process, but also bring artistic touch to our concept ideas. She has an ability to translate ideas through sketching, transform them into a design language as well as come up with unique sculptural elements used in our designs. Maria is also able to provide our clients with realistic visuals and photoshopped plans of their dream outdoor spaces.


For the past few years Maria was a valued team member. Together as a team with talented colleagues completed and delivered designs to clients across the country as well as internationally. She was involved in various projects from local residential gardens, roof terraces to bigger commercial projects. However, in addition to her work, Maria also volunteers in her spare time. Since 2020 Maria has been involved as a volunteer in her hometown located in Silesia region in Poland. The idea came from trying to get to know the local community through workshops organized by local council. She met few people who are just like her interested in improving life in a city for the rest of the residents. Some of the projects involved the revitalization of two courtyards as well as designing a mural on one of the buildings to bring some life into the city. One of the main projects that Maria proposed on her own was a Dog Park for recreation, integration and training purposes. With help of local people there was hundreds of signatures collected and the project won in a city poll. Latest initiative that Maria took up was to organize a Plein-air Painting competition that was a part of Ecological Conference in her area. It involved around 50 participants and ended with and open to public exhibition in the city centre. All these projects are meant to bring people living there closer to each other as well as to nature and created a family like atmosphere that is very rare these days.


Over the past 15 years Maria worked on various art projects including sculpting, model making, photography and art installations. She worked on a production design team for independent films and music videos. Some of her works appeared in local theatres, churches, educational institutions and BBC programmes.


In her spare time Maria gets involved mostly in art and social projects. She constantly searches for inspirations to influence her approach. Some of them come from magical places she tries to capture as a photographer, some of them from music or a script that accompanies visual projects. Maria tries to open the secret door to imagination and show the client what can be achieved in their garden. Even the most abandoned nooks and crannies of any space can be transformed into something magical.

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