Alba Campos

Alba Campos



Alba Campos is a Landscape Architect who join CGLA in 2019. She has experience in large and small residential, commercial, and sustainable projects and help standardize the design process and standards.


Alba worked on a big variety of projects at different stages from Concept to Detail Design, scales, complexity, client requirements, sustainability, budget and so on.

She makes sure that Design and Construction Packs fulfil the client’s requirements at all stages and helps with Planning drawings to submit as part of any planning permission application that clients want to make.


Spanish qualified Agricultural Engineer, she moved to London in 2012 where she did a Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture at Kingston University. Before joining CGLA in 2019 as a designer, she worked for CAPITA, a multidisciplinary company where she got experience working in large scale projectsIn 2021 she decided to give a step forward and start teaching botanic at ‘C.E.I.P. A Granxa’ College in Galicia, North-West of Spain.


Her background as an engineer makes her look for solutions that apply to her designs. She also, in the development of her career tries to be creative and original with her designs, that is why she always look for reference designs from which she learns and finds inspiration.

She is from Galicia, a verdant region of northwest of Spain with an Atlantic coastline. As a Galician she is very nostalgic in general. That feeling it’s called ‘morriña‘. It is a way of being that is thought to derive from the weather.

‘We have a nostalgic link, it seems to us that each stone, each tree and each element of tradition has value. I think that nostalgic link in a way when I design does not allow me to do complicated things. I try to keep things simple, with balance that work well.’

She enjoys her free time painting, landscapes mainly. Explore different techniques with brushstrokes and palette knives.  ‘When I paint, I can express my love for nature and creativity and at the same time it creates a sense of accomplishment.  I love sculpturing the land looking for proportion and rhythm.  I try to follow the five principles of landscape design: balance, focalisation, simplicity, rhythm & line, proportion, and unity. Even though aesthetics is very important for an attractive design, functionality and client’s requirements come first. I also think that choose the right materials are key to give the right atmosphere to the design.’

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